A journey towards change of perception!

Police men are brutal; they are corrupted; rude; unsincere; lethargic; cold-hearted!

Well yes this is what we all think about the police men in India, at least I did.
I did believe this until today! Until this journey from Jaipur to Bhopal!
A journey too long and way too exhaustive….but quite a few good things happened in these 20 long hours that are now embedded in my heart and recalling it just make my lips create insane curves 😉

So, it was night time and something very impressive was happening around me. There was this group of police officers in each compartment- not snoring! not abusing! But fulfilling their duties with immense sincerity.
They literally took care that no mischief happens, were continuously on rounds seeing that things are in control and didn’t rest even for a bit.
While all this was going on, it was midnight and I was hanging on the doors of the train letting that cool breeze soothen my soul and all of a sudden a loud voice interrupted my peace!
It was HIM, the police officer, I was surprised but not afraid. I looked at him with a face full of questions.
Then he politely said: “beta, gir jaoge, andar a jao aur bht raat ho gyi, so jao”( you will fall down, come inside and it’s too late, go and sleep). This statement of him proved to be a conversation starter and not the contrary. I started chaterring with him and told him about my craziness and immense love about night, about my insomnia😅 and obviously (since I am a glutton) about my hunger and night craving!
He kept listening to me startled, took pause for a while and started laughing (as expected!)😂. And then we kept talking about everything from my studies to his duty, our home town and interests and everything on earth! Simce I already mentioned  I was hungry as hell, he offered me his food, to which I gently denied and then even after my strong oppose, he ordered his subordinates to arrange food for me at the approaching railway station, I was startled by his behavior like “seriously! A police men in his 30s or 40s not being rude and abusive and authoritative but so kind and humble and caring”
After that, I resumed watching my movies and he was back to his duty!
Sadly! I can’t bid him a goodbye because his duty changed while I was asleep.

Now, I know after reading this, you all might be thinking as to who shares such things, what was so special about it and all, infact many might haven’t even completed reading the write-up. But I would say WHY NOT!
When something bad happens, even if it is slightest error or mistake, we share it immediately and make it a point to embarrass not just that person but the whole department.
So isn’t our duty as well to share when those RAKSHAK of ours do something good and brave!
There was something in this incident that touched my heart and made me write about it. Not forgetting to mention that on the same journey I met a cyber police officer as well who was so warm and gentle, keen to share about his experiences and working of the said department.
So yes! This was it! My way of presenting a token of love and respect towards all those sincere, duty-bound and beholden police officers (with or without uniform) out there.
Salute to the REAL HEROES🙏🏻



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Rape : An Untold Story of Men

The preamble of constitution promises the Indian people social,economic and political justice , liberty to thought , expression , belief , faith and worship and equality of status and oppurtunity . The ultimate goal of both is to achieve the idea of justice, liberty, and equality fixed by Indian constitution . Hence, justice is an essential condition for the all-round development of an individual. When its comes to implementation of equality its tends to be only in books it is far from reality.India has made steady but slow progress in dealing with sex crimes against women and children but silence remains about male rape,as though society here pretends that this rearly happens.Rape of males is still a taboo,and has a negative connotations among heterosexual and homosexual men.This is a topic hardly seen in news because male rape is hardly ever reported. Deeply embedded ideas about masculinty mean it can be a matter of great shame for a man to come out and say he’s been raped and seek legal remedy. However, a sample survey last year found that more than half the victims of child sexual abuse are boys. Community and service providers often react to the sexual orientation of male victims and the gender of their perpetrators. They are considered to be ‘Emotionless and heartless’.Thus,Most male victim try to hide and deny their victimization in fear of being insulted in the society and they are afraid of the thing that society will doubt on their sexuality and consider them gay. Apart from this there is a myth a male sexual assault victim will become a perpertrator themselves. This myth is very damaging to victims,both to their mental status and how people treat them.Also stating that males having a added burden of facing a society that doesn’t believes that rape can happen to man also.”It becomes very difficult to accept that there is a single reality of rape ; that is, man rape women and man can never be victimised, or if they are, this act has a meaning so different for man that it can’t be labelled as rape”.Discriminatory legal treatment of male rape suggests that rape is seen as an act of sex and not power.



Does Equality in any way mean oppression of men!

Marriage is the key foundation of the society. It is the source of family peace and stability. Therefore, the Indian legislature and other various legislatures of the world have provided certain rights along with certain obligations on the couple i.e. husband and wife which are considered to be necessities of any stable family. The concept of ‘Maintenance’ in India is covered under the Code of Criminal Procedure under Section 125 to 128 and in various Personal Laws. These provisions are focused at preventing starvation and homelessness which is ultimately a crime in itself. These provisions by providing an easy, speedy but limited relief ensure that the helpless dependents are not left beggared and destituted on the scrap heap of the society and thereby drive them to a life of vagrancy, immorality and can even indulge them in criminal activity for their subsistence.
Thereby, these provisions compel a man to fulfill his moral obligation which he owes to his family. This is where GENDER BIASNESS comes into the picture! Why only men? Why not women? Are ALL WOMEN still so helpless even today? Well this demands an unbiased discussion. So here we go…

The benevolent provision of Sec. 125, Cr.P.C. is gender biased in its entirety. The provision only safeguards the interests of females and children, while it completely excludes the rights and interests of the male. Undoubtedly, the provision was brought into practice so as to protect the women, who at that time were at the lowest footing of the society, were in a miserable condition and treated as objects. It is to be noted that the provision is meant to serve the needs and not the greed of helpless. The reason why these laws were made is because this has been in practice since ages that men are considered to be strong, evil and one who used to subject women to cruelty. But, today we live in 21st Century where even men are being harassed at the hands of the women. But guess what! When these men go to the police station in hope of justice, they are being laughed away!
However, change is the law of the nature and as the time has changed (last amendment being in 2001!), it becomes the need of the hour to change the said law as well for the Constitution of India grants equality to both men and women, thus the “Legislative Acts” in no way should go against it by making gender biased provisions.
And it is noteworthy that the gender biasness of Sec. 125, Cr.P.C. is claimed because many unscrupulous women have started grossly misusing the weapon provided to them. The society and the Hon’ble Courts witness many instances where the daughter-in-law of the house had put all the family members of the house behind the bar on her whims and fancies.
One of the landmark cases on this point is that of Firdos Mohd. Shoeb Khan v. Mohd. Shoeb Mohd. Salim Khan [2015]
Here, the wife made false allegations against her in-laws that they have forced her and her husband to live separately, that she was subjected to cruelty, that her in-laws harassed her and tortured her physically as well as mentally for dowry. On these false grounds, the petition was filed for divorce and maintenance. However, the truth was revealed before the Hon’ble Court and so it was held that, “Ladies who are well qualified won’t be provided maintenance. Further, this army of doodles, frauds and approachers with unclean hands won’t be tolerated by the Court anymore.”
Now, these instances clearly indicate the various intricacies and loopholes in the criminal justice system, with special emphasis on the section 125, Cr.P.C., 1973. These also show us that how women are nowadays coming ahead of their time and putting their husbands and in-laws into miseries and leave them with no room of redressal. Other than this, there have been various instances where the women were seen exploiting their husband and in-laws with the shield of so-called protective laws for women.
Further, When we analyze the validity of the said provision in the light of Constitution of India, it is crystal clear that the section is ultravires to Article 14. The prosperous concept of equality and various rights it provides is the very foundation of Our Constitution, and hence should be the very foundation of all other laws also. However, since only the interests of women are being protected and the miseries of men are ignored, the said section stands unconstitutional.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that gender neutrality in all the laws, particularly in the application of Sec. 125, Cr.P.C., is the need of the hour. What is meant by equality is the similar level of both men and women and no section (even women) should be entitled to any special privileges especially in such matters where there are clear cases of harassment and oppression of the husband by her wife. I don’t say that the interest of women shouldn’t be safeguarded anymore. All I intend to convey here is that the laws should be such, that protect the interest of the helpless and needy, irrespective of the gender. With these thoughts in my mind, I seek the concerned attention of the appropriate authorities towards this issue and a make a humble plea to amend laws so as to bring them from the dark phase of gender biasness into the light and glamour of gender equality.


The concept of human rights is the hottest debatable topic of this century. It has been in existence ever since the humans have existed on this earth and so it isn’t a new concept but has become debatable and much more vital in todays world.
Human rights, as the term itself conveys, refers to the rights of the people that they posses because of the very reason of that they are humans. These rights are something that are very natural and come to every human being on this earth irrespective of nationality, gender, age, caste, creed, colour, race and even nature of the person. The point to be noted here is that these human rights are available to everyone, be it a noble person or a criminal. The propogators of human rights and the activists of the same arre of the view that even if the person is a criminal and has committed ample number of crimes, he should not be deprived of his human rights. There are various organisations, ngos, activists, etc who work for the protection of the human rights of the individuals or to say, humans. These organisations work for the betterment of the society and fight for the rights of the individuals where they suffer scrutiny, crisis and injustice. No doubt, they do a wonderful job in doing so. But as it is said extremism of nothing is good. When these human rights activists start supporting the criminals and fight for their human rights, they completely forget about the rights of those innocent people who were subjected to brutal cruelty by these so called “criminals but humans”.
Before getting to the depth, let us first go through the following news headines:
1. in a small city of M.P. called Mandsaur, a small girl who was around 8 years old was kidnapped while she was returning form her friends house, brutally gang-raped with abuse of her private parts, harshly beaten and was left to die.
2. The Murder of Naina Sahni: The victim was fatally shot thrice, then her body was chopped into pieces and put into tandoor to dispose by her husband Sushil Sharma, a congress youth leader and MLA.
3. In the city of Jalandhar, Punjab, one Darbaara Singh brutally killed more than 23 chidren of age below 10 years by slitting their throats. Later, he raped and sodomised with their dead bodies.
4. One Mohan Kumar of Mangalore was convicted of luring more than 20 women to marriage, having physical intimacy with them and later on poisoning them by cyanide pills only to rob later.
5. Delhi Rape Case, 2012: Crime that shook the whole country!
The victim Damini, as known to everyone was brutally raped while she was returning back home in a public bus. Not only this, the iron rod was penetrated into her vagina and was circulated mercilessly, causing severe damage to her internal organs. After raing the girl, she was thrown out of the bus on the streets of Delhi in naked condition.
6. Kamdani Rape and Murder Case, 2013
A 20-year old college student was sexually harassed and tormented for days. Later she was gang-raped and murdered by 9 men who tore her legs all apart till her navel, slitted he throat and then dumped her body in an abondoned nearby field.
7. 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack
10 Fedayeed Terrorist entered in Mumbai from sea way bombed vaious places in bombay. A total of 166 persons died and 293 were injured in this attack.
8. Mumbai Bombings
13 bomb explosions shook the city of Mumbai in 1993. The assault resulted in the death of 270 civilians with 700 more wounded. It is said that the attack was organised by Dawood Ibrahim.
And many many more to be mentioned….
Just reading about these crimes make us shiver to our bones. Then just imagine what must the victim and his/her family must have gone through. Not only the victims but also their families have been deprived of their fundametal, natural as well as HUMAN rights by the barbarians. Now lets throw a ray of ight on the atermath of these incidents. Just after the commission of these crimes or the terrorist attacks, the Indian government and the Indian judiciary system was pressurised by various interest groups and the pressure groups for the dispensal of justice. There were various strikes, bandh, candle marches, etc in support of the victims. But guess what! Just when the Indian Judiciary was about to dispense justice in its entirety and punish the offenders by sentencing them capital punishment, the human rights activists suddenly bombarded the criminal justice system of India with the as usual concept of HUMAN RIGHTS.
But do such people really deserve such rights. The human rights activists often argue that these human rights are available to all and so should be provided to criminals also. And that since one cant deny death to a person so they shouldn’t deny them the right to live as well. To this, the counter-argument that I would like to present is that those people who did not value the basic human rights of others, who didn’t even think twice before committing such barbaric crimes, who if allowed to live and if forgiven for the sake of human rights would pose a threat to the entire human society, do such people really deserve human rights.
Infact, leave about human rights and all. Are these people even humans? Human rights are for humans and not for such devils who have shooked the roots of humanity. What is the logic behind providing human rights to such criminals who have denied such rights to others by their acts?
Talking about human rights ad the crimnal procedure laws in India, The Criminal Procedure Code of India, 1973 provides for many provisions that safeguard the human rights such as the rights available to criminals before trial, rights during trial and rights aftr trial. The rights of accused include ight to have a fair trial, get bail, hire a criminal lawyer, get free legal aid and many more.
Undoubtedly these provisions of criminal procedure serve to meet the ends of justice following the principles of natural justice. These are the rights that are provided to the accused under Cr.P.C. and so they become very important since it is essential to provide an opportunity of being heard to every accused person and also other options to defend him(er)self. But once the guilt of an accused person is proved, then the concept of human rights should not be brought in between by the human rights activists as it would mean knowing the devil and yet saving him(er) with a false assumption that (s)he is a human.
I would like to quote some real life anecdotes here:
1. “ I fear men. Yes! I fear every men out there and in my family too. I fear every male, be it my teacher, my brother, my uncle, my best friend or a stranger. The moment I hear the word past and childhood memoies, all I can recall is how I was sexually harassed when I didn’t even kniow what was happening to me, not just once or twice but on a regular basis by my cousin brother, the uncle next door, my tution teacher and who not. And obviously I couldnt do anything except surrendering myself as my parents trusted them more than me.” A teenager named goldi from a small city in M.P. quotes.
2. “ Right from what I can recall 2 years of age, my maternal uncle used to harass me sexually and even abuse me. He used to rape me at times so frequently that I dont even remember the number of times I was shattered into a lifeless statue. And one fine day, when I was 14 and had the courage to stand against whatever the hell was happening to me, I said dont do this, I will tell about all this to mumma. What then broke me more was that I heard next, he told me to go and say and lets see whom will your mother believe. Lets see do you have the courage to bear the shame that this incident will bring. And I became helpless, yet I resisted at my best and ran away to hide in a small corner on terrace only to cry till I was called down to serve my uncle by mother.” A young girl called poonam said while cnfronting her fears, who aspires to make this world a better place to live in.
These incidents remain forever engraved in the hearts of its victim. It is impossible for people to forget the cases of Child abuse, sexual harrassment, rape, sexual abuse, etc and especially when the victim has continuously been under this trauma during her life. These things mark them, stains them and makes them feel so impure as if these are some dirty stains on the soul that can never be washed away. All these incidents consumes its victiims even when they were not the one at fault. Such incidents stand in between them and their bright life ahead.
Now, should we forgive those sexal assaulters and abusers of goldi and poonam for the sake of their human rights without giving any heed to the rights that these girls have been deprived of. Therefore, it is said that the extreme of none is good. Human rights is a good concept and is essential too for the existence of a good society. However, fighting for the human rights of the henious criminals,who because of their actions have lost the right to be even called as humans and have become devils, is something that I find insane. Therefore, we should allow the justice delivery system work to meet the ends of justice by whatever way it can.
In a nutshell, it is concluded that “Human rights are for humans and not for devils”. It clearly opines the idea that the rights of only those people should be demanded, preserved and fough for, who deserves those rights. these rights should not be generalied universally to everyone otherwise because of the propogators of human rigts for criminals today devils like Ameer Ajmal Kasab and Osama Bin Laden would have been aive only to threaten the whole world and vanish half of it. Last but not the least, I am NOT against human rights but it is also noteworthy that extremes of either side are not going to ensure the welfare of humanity.

Do you enjoy the nature!

Just take a look around

What do you see?

Oh man! What do you see?

If it’s not the lush greenery

If it’s not that flowing river

If it’s not those beautiful plants

If it’s not those blossoming flowers

If it’s not those chirping birds

And if it’s all about that traffic and rush..

Trust me, my friend

You are missing the enchanting gifts of this nature

That would lead you nowhere

But to the path of self-destruction